Build Instructions

VrtuleTree consists of two projects:

  • a Delphi application, stored in app folder of the package,
  • a driver, stored in vtdrv folder of the package.

The application was created using Emberacero Delphi XE2. It should not be hard to compile it on any Delphi version since Delphi 2009 where Unicode VCL and suport for generic data types were introduced. The application benefits of these features, howerver, it should not use any features introduced in later versions of Delphi. It is not possible to compile the application for x64 platform prior to Delphi XE2.

Driver was created in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 through. To compile it, you just need to open the project in Visual Studio and build the solution.

Both projects are set to place compiled .exe .sys files to bin\%(Platform)\%(Configuration) depending whether you are compiling them for x86 or x64 platform, and in debug or release mode.

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