Some time ago, I was doing something with device objects and their chains. and I needed to see the chains in order to understand the topic better. Of course, I tried to use the DeviceTree utility which had helped me very much in the past. However, it seems the DeviceTree does not work for me on Wndows VIsta/7; it either does not load, or crashes.

Hence I decided to create my own simple program that provides me with information I needed. So VrtuleTree was born. It shows loaded drivers and device object chains. The amount of information displayed by VrtuleTree is incomparable to the DeviceTree. The utility was created with stability in mind, hence it should not perform any illegal action like sending IRP_MN_QUERY_DEVICE_RELATIONS IRPs. It also does not parse Object Manager data structures but uses only documented methods to achieve its goal, with a small exception.


VrtuleTree should run well on Windows XP SP2 and newer versions of Windows. The utility should work on both x86 and x64 platforms.


I maintain VrtuleTree as open source software. You can compile, read, modify, reuse or do whatever else you want with the source code, including usage in closed source projects. I would be glad to hear if you (re)use my code, howerver, you do not have any responsibility to tell me about it.

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